Graduate Programme

Graduate Programme

We are offering the Graduate Programme to help the young people get industrial experiences, and support them for career development.


1.The Graduate Programme last bettween 6 to 12 month.

2.The challenging programme will help the your engineers to build up the industrial insights and enrich the capacity to tackle the global challenge.

3.A well structured and organized programme, highly valued across the industrial sectors.

4.Excellent flexibility and work-life balance.

5.Successful accomplish the programme with be issued a completion certificate and tailed to a permanent role.



Degree - Any Chemical engineering, Chemical process engineering, Environmental engineering or relevant undergraduate degree.

Year of study  - for the Junhao Graduate Programme, you must be in your final year of study or have graduated from a recognised university.

Academic records - there are no specific academic requirements for grades, however we do expect candidates to have a strong academic record.


Assessment Criteria

Throughout the application and assessment process, you’ll be assessed using the following three criteria:

Capacity - To see how well you absorb information, analyse problems, make fact-based decisions, and propose innovative solutions.

Achievement - To assess how you get things done, for example your drive, resilience, self-confidence, and organisational and leadership skills.

Relationships - To look at how well you work in teams, communicate and respect others.


How to apply
For application, please send the CV direct to Dr. Yeshui Zhang (


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